Board of Directors


Noriyoshi Komoda

Noriyoshi Komoda / Representative Director

Creating new concepts in society

Develop invaluable services that solve societal challenges and become the norm for the next generation.


After graduating high school, gained experience in a sales position at a listed company, founded Synapse Consulting in August 2011, converted it to a corporation in August 20212, and assumed the position of Representative Director. Established ORGO Inc. in August 20202 and became its Representative Director. Acquired Vananaz Technologies, Inc. through M&A in July 2023, presently continuing in this role.


Hiroki Sakaguchi

Hiroki Sakaguchi/ Director

Exploration of technology that connects people's hearts and minds.

Technology and programs are simply tools. We're dedicated to creating products that value the emotions of the users.


After graduating from Hokkaido University's Graduate School, engaged in research and development at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's IT research institute. Primarily involved in creating technologies that generate added value for products and acquiring intellectual property rights. Also, gained experience in joint research with other company research institutes at a Google venture enterprise and in Silicon Valley. Founded ORGO Inc. in August 2020 and assumed the role of Director. Leading new technological development through joint research with national universities, among other collaborations.


Takumi Nakazono

Takumi Nakazono/ Executive Officer

Resolving issues from diverse perspectives

Gather technology and diverse local values with a global perspective to offer multifaceted solutions.


After graduating from the Master's Program at Kyushu University, he joined Toshiba Corporation, where he was responsible for transitioning their in-house products to cloud services. Subsequently, he established a software development outsourcing business in the Philippines, serving as CEO. During this time, he oversaw multiple development projects while mentoring a team of foreign engineers. After joining ORGO Inc., he has been overseeing technology and global business operations.


Ryo Ueno

Ryo Ueno/ Executive Officer

Pays meticulous attention to detail

We develop novel insights by researching the details of knowledge created by great predecessors.


He graduated Hokkaido University and obtained national license of physical therapist and PhD in Health Sciences. After completing his PhD program, he worked at Mayo Clinic, MN USA and University of Innsbruck, Austria as a postdoctral researcher. There he contributed to the biomechanics study that focused on musculoskeletal modeling technique. He joined ORGO Inc. as Head of Research and organizes ORGO's research projects.