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Research and Development

At our research lab, we collaborate with globally renowned research team leaders, along with national universities and national medical institutions, to conduct research and development in the following technologies. Through patent acquisition and participation in academic conferences, we're advancing pioneering research and development that sets us apart from others.

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  • Posture AI


    3D Pose Estimation
    Detection AI Technology

  • Muscle Vision


    Real-time Muscle
    Invisibility Visualization Technology

  • Hardware Design


    Advanced Hardware
    Design and Development

  • App Development


    Development of Diverse
    System Applications


Collaborative Research

We engage in collaborative research with national universities such as the University of Hokkaido and national medical institutions.

国立国際医療研究センター 北海道大学 旭川医科大学


In-house research facility

At our in-house research facility, we conduct research and development in technology utilizing state-of-the-art equipment such as cutting-edge motion sensors, force plates, EMG sensors, and more. Our focus is on applications in medical settings.



We widely share the outcomes of our research and development as paper presentations at academic conferences. Simultaneously, we emphasize patent acquisition to safeguard the uniqueness and value of our research. Our goal is to contribute innovative research back to society, shaping the future of healthcare. Academic conferences, papers, and patents constitute the three pillars supporting this goal.

Our technology collaborates with healthcare practitioners in the field,
contributing to real diagnoses and rehabilitation.
Based on their feedback, our technology evolves daily, enabling more advanced medical services.

Shaping technology
into globally influential products.



We actively strive to deploy our developed technology widely in the market, creating globally applicable products. These products aim to enhance the quality of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation in medical settings, providing new value to both healthcare professionals and patients.

  • service01


    'MYoACT' is a medical product that visualizes real-time muscle load. It enables healthcare professionals and patients to comprehensively understand muscle movements, optimizing rehabilitation and treatment plans. It supports the recovery of motor functions and serves as a communication tool for both parties.

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  • service02


    'ePose' utilizes our proprietary 3D pose estimation AI to analyze users' postures and propose improvement programs. It provides support for effective posture enhancement and health promotion for both healthcare professionals and general users. It contributes not only to posture improvement and health promotion in healthcare settings but also in everyday life.

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Revolutionizing Advanced Healthcare
with Medical Technology


Company Overview

We, ORGO Inc., aim to advance human health and movement by providing innovative human body analysis technology in the medical field.
We bring new value to medical settings, support people in leading fulfilling lives, and contribute to the overall development of the healthcare industry.

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Your passion can change
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Career Opportunities

In our research team, we highly value not just experience but also a genuine passion for technology and healthcare.
We prioritize teamwork significantly. Through active communication, we facilitate swift and efficient development, learning and growing together.
We eagerly anticipate your ideas and passion bringing new dynamics to our team, collectively shaping the future of healthcare.
Your challenge awaits here.

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