Your passion drives
the future of healthcare.

We are pioneering the next generation of healthcare by merging AI and biomechanics.
Operating within our exclusive research lab,
we pursue cutting-edge technologies globally and translate our achievements into real-world impact.
At the core of this endeavor, we seek your contribution and expertise.

We are pioneering the next generation of healthcare by merging AI and biomechanics. Operating within our exclusive research lab, we pursue cutting-edge technologies globally and translate our achievements into real-world impact. At the core of this endeavor, we seek your contribution and expertise.



Innovating Healthcare with Image AI Analysis and Biomechanics

Innovating Healthcare with Image AI Analysis and Biomechanics

We are committed to becoming a leading company in human body analysis technology, aimed at enhancing human health and physical development. Our focus lies in conducting R&D on fundamental and applied technology.

Possessing our proprietary research lab and spearheaded by globally renowned research team leaders, we aim to achieve world-class technological development and service deployment.

As an innovation-driven company, we collaborate with national medical institutions and prestigious universities like Hokkaido University and the University of Tokyo to conduct joint research. Our initiatives include pioneering technology development, patent acquisition, active participation in academic conferences, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology, setting us apart from others in the industry.

Our endeavors encompass:

  • Development of 3D pose estimation and detection AI technology using monocular cameras
  • Real-time visualization of muscle loads
  • Sensor hardware design and development to leverage the aforementioned technology
  • System and application development (Web, Smartphone, Native) for the practical application of the technology in the market

Our joy lies in supporting people worldwide to experience the joy of leading healthy and active lives through our researched technology expanding into global markets. We are dedicated to contributing to the growth and advancement of the medical and sports industries alongside people across the globe.

  • Our Technological Research

    We are actively engaged in researching and developing technology that estimates posture and muscle activity from extensive image data and sensor data capturing physical movement. Our achievements are not only presented at academic conferences but also backed by intellectual property rights and product applications. To facilitate this, we have established our in-house research laboratory and equipped it with state-of-the-art facilities such as cutting-edge motion sensors, force plates, EMG sensors, and more, ensuring an optimal research environment. Leveraging the outcomes of this research, we integrate them into our proprietary products. We have also received commissions from leading medical institutions in the country, signifying high expectations for our ongoing and future research outcomes.

  • Product Development

    Technology and research that don't see the light of day in practical applications aren't considered true accomplishments. We are actively advancing product development to introduce the technology we've created into the market. In this initiative, research and product development stand as essential pillars, driving our efforts to proactively develop products that resonate globally.

  • Recruitment Background

    To accelerate our research and service development, we are expanding two key teams:

    • Research team members capable of accelerating fundamental and applied research.
    • Core researchers capable of producing international papers on fundamental and applied research.

    With a focus on enthusiasm over mere experience, we're seeking individuals who align with our mid-to-long-term vision and can join us in the global arena.

Position Highlights

We offer an environment where you can leverage our company's resources to freely explore and concentrate on researching globally applicable technologies that could serve as compelling selling points for our new products. Exceptional talent is pivotal in fulfilling this role. You'll have a reasonable level of autonomy in executing tasks related to research specifics and product specifications.

Our current team comprises individuals who have conducted research and development for world-renowned medical devices and those who have spearheaded application development. Working within our high-caliber team and our ongoing research and development utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, and sensor technology, you'll have opportunities for career growth as an engineer or researcher.

Not only will you gain the invaluable experience of witnessing the moment a service is introduced to the world, but you'll also have the chance to contribute to the growth of a service that started from scratch, reaching tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of users.


Job Description

Join our existing team for a new in-house service and engage in technical research,
paper publications, and patent acquisition.

Regarding research and development, we decide on research themes and outcomes through discussion, utilizing research facilities to advance research. Additionally, regular meetings will be held to report progress.
Given the need to anticipate market trends and swiftly experiment with necessary functionalities or incorporate feedback from service users, there's active communication within the team.

Development Environment

We use Slack for communication and implement a PDCA cycle to ensure rapid and efficient development.
While we use the following technologies, it's not necessary to have a complete understanding at the current stage, and there's room for learning after joining.

Amazon Linux,Android,iOS
Programming Languages
Source Code Management
Project Management
Cloud Services
Google Cloud Service


Post-Hiring Growth Support

  • Assessing Your Skill Set

  • Creating Tailored Roadmaps

    Aligned with research and development growth and your personal advancement

  • Developing Scenarios on a Yearly Basis

Your challenge awaits here.