Services Utilizing Innovative Technology

We actively develop products that leverage our advanced technology to expand into the global market. Our goal is to enhance the quality of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation in medical settings, providing new value to both healthcare professionals and patients.


マイオアクト エンジン

The world's only application development integrated platform equipped with a musculoskeletal analysis engine. It enables high-precision analysis of joint torque and muscle activity level data using only monocular video.

Our musculoskeletal analysis engine can estimate 3D posture, ground reaction forces, joint torque, and muscle activity levels from a single camera angle.
Additionally, we offer an SDK that includes libraries for pre- and post-processing data, as well as assigning meaning to numerical data (such as estimating diseases from numerical values).



MYoACT ENGINE-Based Musculoskeletal Analysis Result Display Application.
This application utilizes the MYoACT ENGINE to graphically display posture estimation and musculoskeletal analysis results, catering to professional analysts. It also allows for data output.

Using 3D CG, it can graphically animate estimated movements, ground reaction forces, and muscle activity levels. Users can select the required data to be displayed and synchronize time-series analysis data, such as joint torque, with animations and graphs.
The analyzed Row data can be output as time-series data, making it useful for research and evaluation purposes, motion verification in clinical settings, or as a learning tool.



Official Gait Analysis Application Utilizing MYoACT ENGINE.
This official gait analysis application uses the MYoACT ENGINE. By simply recording with a tablet or smartphone, it generates reports on gait diagnosis and disease estimation, helping to improve user posture and support health management.

Designed for facilities focused on health maintenance such as clinics, chiropractors, and training gyms, as well as individual users, it allows for gait posture evaluation using just the monocular camera of a tablet or smartphone. The results are presented in an easy-to-understand report format for any user, promoting posture improvement and health maintenance through disease prevention.

mosaic direct

モザイク ダイレクト

Privacy-Conscious Application for Medical and Research Institutions.
This application automatically anonymizes videos with mosaic effects, designed for medical and research institutions with a focus on personal information protection. It can be used offline and is equipped with robust security measures.

When recording videos of subjects for use in presentations or other materials, this application automatically applies mosaic effects to ensure individuals cannot be identified. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones, and can be added to the home screen for offline use. The recorded videos are not transmitted over the internet, ensuring enhanced security.