Information Security Initiatives


The company's commitment to information security

To maintain and improve the security levels necessary for providing cloud and related services, we establish the following cloud service information security policy as a sub-policy under the Information Security Basic Policy stipulated in the ISMS. We continually implement various measures to meet the trust expectations of our customers.


Information Security Basic Policy

In conducting the system development business (system design, development, and related services) and system operation service business, our aim is not only to improve the quality of products and services but also to enhance the comprehensive quality of the company to achieve customer satisfaction and trust. To achieve this, we aim to build good relationships with all stakeholders (customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, etc.).
We recognize that appropriately protecting the information assets of all stakeholders is an important social responsibility. Therefore, we establish and implement an Information Security Basic Policy to fulfill this responsibility.

  • 01.We appoint an Information Security Committee and a responsible person to take appropriate security measures, promote security activities, and ensure a high level of security.

  • 02.Our company executives and employees work to prevent incidents related to information assets by adhering to our security rules. In case of any incidents, they promptly take appropriate measures, including preventive actions, to prevent reoccurrence.

  • 03.We conduct information security awareness and educational activities across the entire company regularly under the committee's leadership.

  • 04.We regularly review the information security policies applicable to relevant information in response to changes in our business, organizational structure, technological changes, etc. Also, we continually improve our information security system.

  • 05.Our company executives pledge to actively fulfill their responsibilities as top management to realize the Information Security Policy.

Date of Establishment: April 1, 2023


ISMS Information Security Management System

We have acquired ISMS to obtain third-party evaluations of its information security standards.

Certification Authority
IMJ Certification Body of Registration Center Inc.
Certification Registration Number
Applicable Standard
JIS Q 27001:2023 (ISO/IEC 27001:2022)
Scope of Application

Development and research of musculoskeletal motion analysis systems.

Development and providing of posture analysis systems.