Bring about a revolution
in human beings
the power of technology

Our mission is to realize a unique
service offering that enhances
the physical and mental potential
of individuals by using
our own technologies.


The first attempt in the world:
Musculoskeletal motion
analysis system

Knowledge from those with sport experience and active players who have accumulated good performance records and data on many users are visualized by the power of technology. We are working on research every day for the realization of a world where anyone can show 120% performance by using musculoskeletal motion analysis.

Development of
motion estimation
Motion data with an optimal resolution is created by combining cameras and sensors according to services.
Creation of
musculoskeletal models
that are optimized
for purposes
A musculoskeletal model that has a skeletal structure and muscles is created in order to measure the neuromuscular control of motion or kinetic loads on muscles and bones.
Evaluation of a
musculoskeletal model
The validity of a musculoskeletal model is verified by the creation of motion data and the measurement of data collected from myoelectric sensors.

Visualizing the loads and effects of moving the human body on the muscles in collaboration with universities and research institutions domestically and overseas

In order to conduct research and development based on academic knowledge of medical science and exercise, we are actively promoting collaboration with research institutions domestically and overseas. The combination of our IT and AI technologies with external knowledge creates basic technologies that include one for presenting correct data. We develop marketable technologies, focusing our awareness on adjusting the number of datasets and throughput so that they can be necessary and sufficient for various applicable services.


Realization of products
contributing to the
improvement in the
competitiveness of
professional team players

Soccer Table tennis Baseball Tennis Boxing Golf Badminton

Introduction of musculoskeletal motion analysis enables visualization of the factors in poor performance caused by the way the body is used that cannot be recognized even by the person. We develop products that are indispensable for the growth of many athletes domestically and overseas.

The ORGO research team
strives to develop products that
have not ever been seen
in the world

ORGO is working on the research and development of motion analysis using a musculoskeletal model. The use of a musculoskeletal model enables the estimation of muscle activities from data on body motion without measuring myogenic potentials. In addition, we are also carrying out the research and development of marker-less motion capture. We think the integration of those technologies will make it easier to capture physical motion in detail.

ORGO has broken
into the
service industries
with its advanced
research and development

Applying advanced
technology and knowledge
to the areas of

In order to realize our desire that as many people as possible can enjoy active lives irrespective of age, ORGO wants to work for overall health promotion in Japan by applying the knowledge, knowhow, technologies, and big data that we have accumulated to the areas of healthcare, caregiving, and rehabilitation in the near future. We will contribute to the growth and development of society for being active until death in the era of 100-year lives by proposing irreplaceable value of health for people’s lives.