代表取締役CEO 薦田典佳

Create a new concept
in this world

I will create a valuable service that can resolve social challenges and will be taken for granted in the next generation.

Representative Director & CEONoriyoshi Komoda

Born in Hokkaido. After graduating from high school, he experienced a sales position at a listed company, followed by the establishment of Synapse Consulting, Inc., in August 2011 when he was 25 years old. In August 2012, the company was reorganized into a stock company, and he assumed office as representative director. In August 2020, he co-founded ORGO, Inc., and assumed office as representative director & CEO of the company.
取締役CTO 坂口広樹

Pursue technology to
connect people’s minds

Technologies and programs are merely tools.
So, I will create products that care how users feel.

Director & CTOHiroki Sakaguchi

Born in Hokkaido. After completing graduate school at the Hokkaido University, he joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and worked in research and development at the Information Technology R&D Center, particularly working on the creation of technology for generating added value for products and the acquisition of intellectual property rights, as well as experiencing joint research with the entrepreneurial venture of Google in Silicon Valley. In August 2020, he co-founded ORGO and assumed office as the director and CTO of the company. He leads the development of new technology through joint research with national universities.
ENSPORTS事業責任者 川道拓也

Generate interest to
inspire people

I think of environmental development and plots, not how to do something, can lead people to a behavioral change.
I will materialize new possibilities with the power of sports x IT.

ENSPORTS Operation ManagerTakuya Kawamichi

After graduating from Kokushikan University, he joined Fubic Inc. and supervised stores as an area manager of Dr. Stretch. He founded BeRISE Inc. and assumed office as representative director and president. He joined ORGO Inc. and was assigned as ENSPORTS Operation Manager.